What kind of client sites would the Munch Buggy be suitable for?

Amusement Parks
Apartment Complexes
Colleges and Universities
Hotels and Resorts
Industrial Facilities
Military Bases
Building Sites
Real Estate

Shopping Malls
Sporting Venues
Golf Courses
Roadshow Events
Events for children
Charity Events

Country Parks
Caravan Parks
Camping Sites
Stately Homes
Sea Front Locations
Safari Parks

Do we need an ice machine to fill the cool box with ice every day?

Refilling and filling with ice from your remote ice machine to maintain 'cool' is no longer necessary and it is no longer necessary to drain the system of melting ice.

The Munch Buggy uses refrigeration run from the Vehicle Batteries. The batteries are monitored with an audio alarm to ensure you will always have enough power to get back to base.

How far can the Munch Buggy drive?

This is dependent on site conditions and the load it is carrying however the battery monitor gives you an ongoing assessment of battery capacity and anticipated usage time left.

What happens when the batteries are low?

The batteries are monitored. When the charge goes below a set parameter there will be an audible alarm, this can be set to meet site conditions.

How long will the service period be?

This will depend on site conditions but typically if the Munch Buggy travels to a site say at a distance of 1 mile away then you can expect 6-7 hours service before you need to go back to base

Can we extend this period?

The Munch Buggy is provided with 5m cable and sockets to plug into any local supply that may be available, this will run the refrigeration and keep the batteries charged at the same time

What if we just want to sell ice creams?

Both the refrigerated units can be easily set to deep freeze mode

What if we just want to sell chilled drinks?

Both the deep freeze units can be easily set to refrigeration mode

What if we just want to sell sandwiches?

Both the deep freeze units can be easily set to refrigeration mode

What if we want to sell hot food?

This is an option.Please call to discuss .The Munch Buggy can support a small warmer or even a 600 Watt microwave.

How do we top up the batteries?

The seat of the Munch Buggy lifts for access to the batteries ,the Pump Action auto-batteries filler then needs to be attached and fed with distilled water,this will need doing every 2-weeks.

What is the Warranty Period?

The Munch Buggy comes with a full year's warranty