Environmental Trailer

Electrical Charging

The trailer is charged over night and runs all electrical equipment throughout the day.

Battery Operation

Gel Batteries are housed within the trailer. No maintenance of the batteries required. The batteries charge status is continually monitored.

Water Fill

Easy connection, disconnection and filling of water tank 100 litre capacity. (Approx 500 7ounce cups)

Solar Panels

Solar panels trickle charge into the batteries monitored by solar charge monitor.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Refrigeration with 12 compartments.

Chilled Drinks

Chilled drink refrigeration with 157 litre capacity.

Water Boiler

20 litre water boiler is run on LPG gas.

Specialty Coffee

Optional Speciality Coffee Machines.

Snack & Traybake Display

Manual shutter is raised for easy self help access to speed up queues.

Storage Capacity

Large storage capacity for backup stock.