The Munch Buggy

It's Catching on

It's Exciting, It's Electric!

The Munch Buggy is
an innovative Food &
Beverage Vehicle

Without the need for a
generator, without noise or
pollution, without fuss...

Designed for Heritage Sites,
Zoo's, Low emmission City
Centres, Parks, Golf Courses
& Childrens Areas.

Exclusive Features

• Ice creams, cold drinks, hot drinks
sandwiches, snacks and more..

• Sushi, Shellfish, Oysters &
Champagne, an opportunity
for sale of specialist products

• Patented commercial
freezer and refrigerator

• Accurate temperature
holding of products

• Product can remain in
overnight... no decanting

• Hot food option for winter

• Patented hot water tap
that delivers 300 cups

• Battery powered
Charge overnight

• Save on CO² emissions

• Save on Road Tax

• Save on generator costs

• Save on noise pollution

• Save on petrol costs

• Easy to fill water tank

• No driving licence required

• Battery auto-fill system

• Bespoke options

• Pricing options

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